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Closed circuit television cameras are used for security and surveillance purpose.

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If we want to keep an eye on our staff working in the factory, thereby increasing the productivity, or to minimize unwanted events like theft or crime, this system helps to prevent such type of events.

Apart from industrial requirement it also helps us to secure our individuals’ life by monitoring our loved ones at home along with maid monitoring and home security. These systems come in various resolution options starting from 1 MP to over 8 MP 4K videos. This system can be accessed through a smart phone from anywhere in the world.

cctv dealers in noida

Nowadays, latest technology based CCTV camera including HD Camera also known as 720P (1280×720), Full HD Camera 1080P (1920×1080) & 4K Ultra HD System are available with cheaper prices. It is always better to buy high resolution cameras; the more megapixels the better image quality. Today, CCTV Camera installation in Noida has become more affordable & cost effective in India.

Apart from traditional analog equipments, the latest IP 2 MP Camera in the basic series, IP 4 MP Camera in medium series, IP 6 MP Camera and IP Ultra HD Camera in premium segment, are widely available. When it comes to recording of video footage we have to check how many ports in the recorder is required. There are multiple models available, with 4 channel NVR to support up to 4 points, 8 Ch NVR with single and multiple sata ports, 16 Channel NVR with 2 SATA ports & 32 Channel NVR  with 4 SATA ports and above. Latest DVR & NVR comes with H.265 and H.265+ technology, which helps to compress the video and store the same at a comparatively very less space.

Nowadays, security system became more affordable, if you look at the CP Plus price list, a CP Plus 5 MP camera price costs same as ordinary analog camera price in 2014. The same is with CP Plus DVR, CP Plus 4 Channel DVR, CP Plus 8 Channel DVR price, CP Plus DVR 16 Channel price, are also available with very low prices. However, the price of Hard Disk for CCTV camera has not come so down and still remain a little costly. we are the most reliable cctv dealers in noida, Delhi NCR.

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