Time Attendance System
Time Attendance System

To ensure the proper timing and enhanced productivity it is very necessary to implement Time Attendance System. The popular options available to this requirement are .

1)Bio-metric Reader or Finger Print Reader


2) RFID Proximity Card Readers

3) Palm Recognition based Readers

4) Palm Recognition based Readers

5) Face Recognition based Cameras

We provide biometric attendance system in Noida, Delhi NCR, for punching of IN and OUT logs for data using full-fledged time attendance software. This software has multiple formats of reports like daily report, monthly report, employee wise monthly reports, muster roll, etc.

This system is consisting of hardware biometric device and attendance software which is installed at a computer. This system also requires installation by an expert along with the training of the software. After successful installation, you are advised to keep in touch with proper service support providing company. As this software has a lot of formats of employee reports and features hence you will need time to support and guidance from a service providing company. Besides attendance reports, you can also install separate software for payroll, which can provide you the reports related to HR like salary slips and Salary registers, etc. Both the software can be used using a single common biometric machine, and you don’t need a separate hardware biometric machine for payroll software.

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