Comparision Chart

We offer the best prices deal with “good onsite services” and in terms of “cost”. As this system is not a single unit system but a combination of multiple equipments thus it mandatorily requires onsite post sales services.

So the best deal will be comprising of all 3 aspects; 1. Hardware Equipments, 2. Installation & 3. Post Sales Onsite Services. Here we offer a very attractive “prices and service” combination to you.we provide the best cctv camera price in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon

Please note that only renowned CCTV dealers (In a comparable class and category) are eligible for this challenge, as there are so many players in this segment who avoid the post sales complaints of the customers, and do not provide services. These type of vendors are not comparable with us.

No doubt if you purchase any product from online market place, you get a cheaper price than physical market. But there is a challenge here to purchase a system which is based on connectivity, if it was a standalone product like a mobile phone which does not require connectivity with other components, we just purchase it, get the delivery and start using it.

But here, security systems are different, it is a set of various components where each component is available with various variants, we need to be technical enough to pick the variants of each component as per the site requirements. Once you finalize your requirements, you may order the hardware and wait for the delivery. Once you get the product delivery you need a good installer to install the system. Once the installer starts the installation work he sometimes may notice one component is not working which you have ordered. You have to request the replacement of the product as it is under warranty, they will accept the request and you will be informed about the pickup date of the faulty product, than they will pickup it and send to the seller, he will examine it and send a replacement to you through another courier. This process may take a week time or more and you have to wait till you received the replacement. In this process your installation will be pending incomplete.

Also, if you purchase it online, who will be responsible for after sales services. You have to again find the service provider in case the system is not working.

All the above issue can be fixed if you buy this from a offline dealer, but then the prices are much more higher than what you were getting online. we offers the best cctv camera price in delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram.

Here, we at Cyris India Automation have designed a solution to cover all the points and provide you the prices as it is available online, and at the same the services as offline. We in fact, focus more on services in order to associate for long term with more and more customers and their valuable references, while keeping our prices very competitive.

If You are looking for cctv camera price in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, contact us. We offer very competitive prices for hardware, installation and onsite services. And also give the flexibility to choose the package with/without installation costing & Onsite services costing. Below is the comparative chart of price, services and other factors.

And you don’t have to worry about finding a good installer and services engineer we provide quick onsite services, if you have purchase the services package from us. It is a single window shopping for your complete requirements.

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