Vehicle Surveillance
Vehicle Surveillance / Mobile Surveillance

Today, it has become mandatory to keep all school vehicles under proper CCTV surveillance from inside too. To get the vehicle under CCTV coverage we need vehicle surveillance system. We are the best mobile surveillance providers. It consists of a Mobile DVR, in most cases 4 channel, and 2 or 3 cameras per vehicle with allied accessories as required. This mobile DVR also comes with the option of GPS tracking, so that the vehicle location, vehicle speed, etc can be tracked. A school can track all its vehicle at a single platform and give the command to them accordingly if required. If a driver is not driving the vehicle properly, an alert can be sent to the school administration for necessary action.

This system is also used in fleet management companies, which has a large number of vehicles. It makes the monitoring very easy for vehicle location, speed, fuel status, engine On/Off status, etc. You can even switch off the engine from the control panel in case the vehicle has been stolen. And the engine will be locked. This system can be used in personal vehicles and cars too.

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