It is embarrassing and irritating to call service engineer repeatedly, even if the service provider is very responsive and comes at your door to attend the complaint, after you register the request.If the system breakdown frequently it becomes your job to register the complaints every time the system not working. Also you need to give your time when the service engineer comes to your site to attend the complaints.

Now, imagine what happens if the service provider is not so responsive!

(You call him, the number is switched off, or he does not pick the calls, he does not come at the given time, your security system is lying non-working for days, it is the breach of security and automation).  

Some of the unprofessional people are also working in this segment without even having an office space and operating from their residence. Because they don’t have the office, they do not have service engineers too. Even they don’t have a single technician employed on permanent basis with them.

When they get any installation order they get it installed through contractual technicians, as per their availability schedule. It is because they are less bothered about after sales services, which for the user is very essential. Also, they do not provide standby components in case of breakdown, the component goes to service center for days, and the system remains inactive till the time the component is back.

How to solve this?

Firstly, an expert of CCTV and Automation service provider/system integrator/dealer should be chosen who is experienced and capable of designing the solution correctly as per the site requirements. Before finalizing the vendor, check his credibility like work history, clientele, customer feedbacks, star ratings, reviews etc. Also check if he is authorized and associated with reputed brands like Honeywell, Samsung, Sony, Camwell, CP Plus, Hikvision and Secureye etc. See if there is a proper office and service team too.

Secondly, the system should be designed wisely at the time of assessing the requirement. For instance, the wiring network route should be designed in a much planned manner; it does not get messy and should be shortest as much as possible. An ideal wiring network should be neat and clean, wiring should be invisible as much as possible. At the terminating points like recorder and cameras end, all the connectors should be properly crimped and well managed.

Connectors near cameras should be covered in a junction box to avoid rusting, moisture and damages due to water and external environment effects. The accessories required should be of good quality which helps in minimizing the breakdowns and enable the smooth functioning of the system. A good quality SMPS should be used which can supply calculated amount of power required, in order to ensure safety of the system and stable picture quality especially in night.

After successful installation the user should be provided with complete hardware and software training, so that the customer can operate it properly and make maximum use of it. There should be periodic preventive maintenance visits provided by the vendor to enhance the health of the system.

Apart from periodic preventive maintenance, if any issues occur, a very quick timely service should be available at minimum efforts.

Installation Services: 

The primefocus ofour expert team is to provide neat and clean installation. Definitely, you will love it. The locations of the cameras will be correctly identified as to provide the maximum possible output as per site conditions. Cable networking will be very systematic and manageable. We try to plan the cabling route in such a manner that it should not be much visible as better as possible, depending upon site conditions.If you are looking for cctv camera installation in delhi / cctv camera installation in noida then Cyris India Automation is the right place for you.

We have a fully equipped installation team of experienced and skilled engineers who have become expert by doing hundreds of installation projects.We provide services in areas like CCTV camera installation in Noida/ CCTV camera installation in Delhi/ cctv camera installation in faridabad/cctv camera installation in ghaziabad e.t.c

If the installation is done in a proper manner, the chances of breakdown reduce drastically and it enhanced overall life of the system. We plan the installation schedules in advance in order to avoid last minute hassles, and make the material ready before time.

Generally we try to make the installation schedule within 3 days of order confirmation, but sometime there may little waiting time. We confirm you the installation time at the time of order confirmation only. In urgent cases, we install the system same day too, if possible, depending upon the type of system and availability.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

Mostly security systems are service oriented and need time to time services in order to minimize the breakdowns. After expiry of warranty period, it is always better to have Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of your security system to avoid delay in repair and services, and breech the security of your people. An AMC can help you to prevent from huge monetary losses in case of massive breakdowns.

AMC Benefits:
Preventive Maintenance
Quick Response
Standby Cameras (In case of breakdown)
Minimum Down Time
Complete peace of mind

One Time Service Request/Complaints:

Although it is better to sign an AMC contract for continuous services, however we are always here to serve you for even one time service visit request on chargeable basis. Our experienced service engineer can help you diagnose the real problem and resolve it as soon as possible. We provide this service at a nominal one time visit charge.

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