Purchase Guide

When you want to make a purchase of security system it is better to understand the market. Two main aspects have to be considered for this

1). Product Options Available

2)Seller / Service Provider




You definitely have to know this, and you will do this by exploring market by talking to various people and searching internet. You should surely do this.

But if you don’t want to give your much time for this, and still want to know about product options and prices comparisons. We are providing the complete information as under;

Product Options Available:

There are few parameters on which the option should be chosen, which are as under:

1. Technology:

For CCTV System there are two different technology platforms, Analog HD and IP/Digital.

2. Resolution:


The resolutions of cameras available in Analog HD technology are;
1 MP, 1.3 MP, 2 MP, 2.4 MP, 3 MP, 4 MP, 5 MP and few companies launching further too.

The resolutions of cameras available in IP/Digital technology are;
1 MP, 1.3 MP, 2 MP, 3 MP, 4 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, 4K UHD and more resolution for industrial requirements like 12 MP, 24 MP, and Thermal Cameras, etc. and few companies launching further too.

3. Area of Focus:

It is the area which is covered by a camera under its coverage, the size of this area depend upon the lens of the camera. The options of lenses are as under;

area of focus Diagram

2.8 mm lens, 3.6 mm lens, 6 mm lens, 8 mm lens, 12 mm lens, 25 mm lens, varifocal lens, motorized lens, PTZ camera lens etc.

The smaller the lens, covered area is wider but short length. And bigger the lens, covered area is narrow but long distance. Long range cameras have a drawback that they left black out areas near it. The more is range of camera, the bigger is blackout area.

4. Brands Available:

Honeywell, Camwell, Sony, Samsung, Axis, Bosch, Pelco, Infinova, Everfocus, CP Plus, Hikvision, Secureye etc are more running brands, which have national/international presence and renowned products.

There are some other names too which are being presented like brands, but that has to be checked by the user weather these are being manufactured by some reliable manufacturers or just being labeled after importing in bulk.

We are not saying imported products are bad. A major portion of the electronic items are being imported. There are some companies which are getting the products manufactured at their specifications and quality controls, while some are just importing on the basis of low costing and not the quality. That you need to check, obviously.

This we have to write because we are trying to provide you a real situation of the market.

5. Cost:

The cost of a security system is consisting of three parts;


Hardware Equipments:

All the components required like Camera, DVR/NVR Recorder, Storage Hard Disk Drive, PoE Switch, SMPS, Junction Box, Rack and Display Monitors etc are basic parts of the security systems. These systems can be purchased as per the specifications of your requirements which have been identified by an expert security consultant. If the solution and specifications are designed properly it will give you the desired output and optimize the costing.

Installation Cost:

Once you purchase all the above hardware, you need a skilled engineer who can install the system in a much planned way maintaining neat and clean wiring. This cost depends upon the total length of cabling to be done, and the labor charges will be per running meter of cabling. If it is a small premises and the length of cabling is not so much, the installation can be charged per camera basis.

Onsite Services after Installation:

Do not misunderstand it with Warranty of hardware products. The product warranty is given by the OEM manufacturer on its products, when the product gets faulty and is presented at their workshop/service center, they do not offer onsite services. In case you want to avail the warranty services through the manufacturer, this is how the process goes;

If your product is faulty you have to uninstall it and carry it to the service center at your cost and time, they will deposit it for repairing and give you expected date of collecting it. Once it is repaired you have to go and collect the product and reinstall it. This is in case only if the product is faulty, but in case there is a problem in the connectivity, you yourself have to arrange en engineer to resolve it.

It is the dealer who provides onsite services not the manufacturer. If you want to avail the onsite services through the dealer/service provider, this how the process will go.

You notice a problem with your security system, you just inform your service provider, a service engineer will come at your door, and he will examine the problem. If a product/component is faulty he will uninstall it and carry it to the service center, once it is repaired he will bring it back and reinstall. In case the component is not faulty the engineer will diagnose the networking problem and fix it there only.

If you make a deal with Cyris India Automation, we provide standby camera/component in case the fault is in the component and it has to carry service center, so that your security system always remain active.

As there may always not be the problem in hardware parts buts most of the time the problem is in the connectivity, so you need to select your service provider who can provide you prompt services.

Seller/Service Provider:

The security systems can be purchased through offline mode and online mode. This is a service oriented system and require proper service provider. When we check the product prices on ecommerce websites it is much cheaper in comparisons to the offline vendors. But there is no after sales service provider for installation and onsite service supports in case of any fault in the running system.

So we come to a conclusion that the prices are better on online ecommerce websites, and better services are given by offline dealers (Not All but Reliable Ones). As the after sales services are very important we have to go with local dealers and pay the higher prices.

Here, Cyris comes with the solution and combine the advantage of both. We offer you the prices as online, and services as reliable offline vendors. That’s why we give low price challenge, to know more about it please click here.


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