Best Low Budget security systems:

standalone gas leak detector

Standalone Gas Leak Detector

This is a wonderful standalone product which protects your loved ones and your home from gas leak fire, it gives alert when gas leaked. It has built is hooter to alert you.



Standalone heat detector

Standalone heat detector


 Heat detector prevents the fire in the kitchen and prospective heating locations in any areas like a factory, building, homes, etc. It gives the alarm when heat detected in the covered area.


Standalone Smoke Detector

Standalone Smoke Detector

This is a complete standalone detector and has controller, sensor and sound system with blinking light in it. It can be used in Residential and Commercial buildings.

Door alarm sensor

Almirah/Wardrobe Door Alarm Sensor

Its gives alert when the intruder opens the door forcefully so it prevents the theft. You can use this product on your doors, windows, and lockers for real-time alarm alert. When the alarm turns on, the thief will leave the place right away and you will get the alarm. You can save your wealth at a very economical price and with your prompt decision. Buy it now, Call Us: +91 9650428148 to get quote.

Motion Light Sensor

Motion Sensor Light

It automatically turns on when it detects any motion, it is very helpful to save the electricity bill & theft too. You place these lights in your home at various places like a bathroom, balcony stairs, bedroom and many more places where people usually forget to switch off the lights.

It is also helpful in offices and factories to cut the huge electricity bill, factory worker and office employees may not be bothered about the electricity bill but as an owner of your home, office, and factory you need to make your wise decision. Make the decision of saving your valuable money, implement it right now and feel the difference.

Standalone Wireless Camera

Standalone Wireless Camera

It is a unique product which serves your basic surveillance need by a single camera. Supports live monitoring, onboard storage and wifi enabled in very economical cost. Two-way communication becomes more valuable when you are away from your home, you can talk with your children through the standalone wireless camera in high-quality audio. It also supports alerts on email when it detects any motion in front of the camera.


Security Lock

Security Lock

It is an alarm based small lock, looks the same as your ordinary lock. If someone tries to open or break the lock its gives an alarm. Very useful for home, office, shops and even you can protect your bike, bicycle etc.

smart light automation

Smart Light Automation

It’s a small device which can be the fitted backside of your electricity switchboard. It can make any of your electric appliances smart & automatic. You can operate & control that appliance through your Smartphone. It is a low-cost device.


WiFi  Light

WiFi Light

Wi-Fi is enabled in WiFi Light Its Features like multicolored smart bulb you can change the color according to your mood. It can help you to relax and you can change the atmosphere of a room, or bring a party to life.


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