fire detection alarm

Fire alarm system helps us to identify if there is a case of any fire. It includes Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, MCP, Hooter or Siren, etc. These detectors sense smoke or heat and send the signal to control panel, which then trigger the siren and/or can give an alert on the registered phone number. The detectors are placed at a certain distance in a systematic way so that the entire area gets covered. It there is any heat in any particular area, the sensor installed in that particular zone will sense it and send the signal to control panel.

The same case is with smoke detectors, it will also intimate the main panel. This main panel is connected with various sirens and hooters at multiple locations at all floors which alert the people in case there is a case of fire. There are a few more components like MCP (Manual Call Point), Hammers, LED Status indicators, etc.

This is a complete system which is networked at a large area. However, if you want to cover a single area only like a small room, you can install a single standalone smoke detector, which has an inbuilt control panel, sensor, LED  Status indicators, and a small siren. This is a cost-effective option if you have a very small area to cover and you don’t want to install a complete fire alarm system.

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